Proposal due tomorrow.  Researching caterers instead.

I have a feeling that planning a wedding and thesis at the same time is going to be a disaster.


I can't believe how long it's been since I've written anything.  It seems every time I sit down to write something, I'm always apologizing for not having written.  This time, my excuse is pretty legit - I did just start grad school (and it's been kicking my butt!)

I'm having a hard time "getting my head in the game". After working for the past year, I'm finding it difficult to make myself sit down and complete my readings, my projects. Plus, there's the added excitement of planning a wedding (which obviously is a lot more entertaining than reading theory again).

Plus, Chef and I just came back from visiting friends in Winnipeg - one of his friends from elementary school just got married last weekend!  I'm constantly amazed that he's still friends with everyone from his public school days - and they all legitimately hang out together on a regular basis. For me, as soon as high school was over, I ran as far and fast as I could. I'm so proud, and a little envious, that he has such amazing friends like that.  But really, they're all getting married, and the wives are just as wonderful.

So, we've been thinking a lot more about what we want the next few years to look like, what our goals and ambitions are.  Basically, we're going to try to get moved to Winnipeg as soon as we can.  My classes are done (hopefully) in April, and then I just need to write my thesis and do my practicum, and then I am F-R-E-E! And Chef just started a new job at the beginning of September (which is amazing!), so we're going to have to stay at least two years from that.  I know grad school was the right decision for me, but sometimes I feel like it's holding me back. Our friends are buying houses, getting married, having babies.  I guess we're not that 'far behind' (and yes, I realize it's not a race), but I would love to be living in the same city as his brother and friends, and have our kids  in the same classes and on the same teams as their kids are.

As down as this entry might sound, I'm actually really excited about what I'm doing.  There's not that much longer left, Chef and I will be married, and we'll be working and living in his hometown.  I'm so excited to be so close to our goals, to have a "normal" life!


I get to register for courses this week - I'm so very excited!
I'm going to have to go in to have a talk with my advisor before I do anything, since I'm not entirely sure about what the time commitment is supposed to be.
Right now I'm looking at taking:
  • Analytical Techniques for Gero Research  
  • Principles & Practices of Health Promotion
There's another course on Community Based Housing that I am considering, but I think I'll decide after speaking with Dr. B.

I'm actually getting a little bit nervous about starting classes.  For the first time outside of the Honours program, I'll be surrounded by other smarty-pantses.  And this time we're all interested in the same thing, the same job.

I think part of me is nervous about all the changes that are coming up, too.  The wedding, the cost of the wedding... And all of a sudden I see myself as married with a few little kidlets running around. With a mortgage.  And an aging parent.  It scares me how all of a sudden, my life is set.  Til death. No take-backs.

I love my chef dearly, and that's not what scares me.  It's just, all the things that I dreamed about as a little girl - being an archaeologist, or running an orphanage in Africa - all of that is gone.  Not that that's what I really want now anyway - once I started Anthrolpology I saw it too much as "white people coming to save the day".  I thought it was a little belittling, presumptuous.  But still, all these grand adventures.  That's just not my life.

But I guess, yes, my life is quieter. More manageable. But also more authentic.  I'm not trying to run away and have some impossible adventure; instead, it's about enjoying small moments and the company of those I love, and trying to do the best I can to make things better in my own community.

So yeah, definitely a state of flux.  Excited, nervous, but extremely happy.


I've been extremely busy over on this side of the internet and haven't been able to get on here to share some very exciting news!  It was Chef and my fifth anniversary at the beginning of the month; to celebrate, we went down to Seattle (I love that city!) and stayed at the Fairmont Olympic.  It was absolutely gorgeous, as always, and they upgraded us to a beautiful suite.  And then, on the day of our anniversary, my lovely Chef got down on one knee and proposed - I'm going to (officially) be a Chef's Wife!!

We're both very excited and haven't made any major plans yet.
And the only photos we have from the entire extra long weekend (we were there for five days) are a bunch of the pieces of the Nirvana exhibit at the EMP, and this one self-timer!  So, for your viewing pleasure....


On Mother's Day

I've been laying low for the past couple months.  I feel like it's been a whirlwind since we came back from Toronto in March.  Chef had been working nights in the lobby lounge and not getting home until one-thirty in the morning, while I had to be up and out to work at quarter to eight. But, Chef just moved to days this week and now he's eight to four-thirty, so we can actually see eachother at night and eat dinner together! We still won't have any days off, but at least we're not unconscious around eachother all the time!  Still, it's Mother's Day and I had plans for us to take my mom out for brunch at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens this afternoon but had to shrink the reservation for two since he couldn't get the day off.

People ask me all the time about having kids, and the thought just scares me.  I love my Chef and it would make me so happy if we could, but the thought of parenting alone is terrifying.  I think people outside of the industry don't fully realize how incredibly lonely it can be.  And is that really fair?  If he's always gone, that leaves me. And that means no more late nights at the library or work, no following my own passions.  And it means planning Mother's Day by myself and spending it with the kids alone.  I'm not sure if I'm up for that.

And finally, what would a Mother's Day post be without a photo of me and my momma?!  Isn't she purdy?!


This is "Old Age"

I love gerontology, and this is why.  I love pushing past stereotypes to see what individuals can really do and contribute. It's so exciting to see something like this out there.

I've been counting down the days until I'm back in classes. I've been reading textbooks and journal articles. Can't wait for September!!


Chef's gone, and I'm using the stove for the first time since we moved into our new place.  I had gotten so used to him being home all the time, that I forgot that being the wife of a chef is such a lonely experience.  Especially now, since I'm working a Monday to Friday job, and his new schedule is 5:00pm to 1:00am, I actually won't see him until Wednesday night, which he has off.  So, it's back to boiling perogies  and sautéing onions for me.

I got two offers for grad school, one for SFU Gerontology and one for SFU Sociology.  I'm so very much looking forward to accepting one of them and having a flexible schedule again.. it's the only saving grace, being able to pull time whenever he has a day off.

With him not working these past few months, I guess I had just gotten used to having him home, having him around...



Our new view.
I made a new year's resolution to use my camera more, to write more, to read more. So, in keeping with that, I started a photography challenge that I've adapted to a blog challenge - one theme for every week of the year.  This week's theme: "NEW". Which, with the New Year is really easy, but for us it's also the beginning of something else new.

These past few months have been chaotic: Chef was still living on the Island, while I was crashing on my mom's couch and working on the mainland.  With the new year, we are now officially residents of the GVRD.  This photograph is the view from our new balcony.

Chef should be starting at one of the hotels in Vancouver in the coming weeks (for now, he's "on vacation" from the Fairmont Empress, where he's been working).  I'm still working at my job in the suburbs, and also for the Canadian Journal on Aging.  I'm finishing up applications to grad school.  It's really exciting, to be moving forward.  I loved Victoria, but it's flooded with university grads and impossible to find employment there, and Chef was ready for another challenge.  As corny as it is, the other day he said "Honey, this is the beginning of the third chapter of our story".  Lake Louise, Victoria, Vancouver. We're appreciative of the past, but so incredibly excited for the future.

Some of the kitchen boys on Chef's last day at the Empress.



A lot is changing these past few weeks.  I've been offered a job as an admin assistant in Vancouver. Chef is in talks to transfer to another hotel come January.  My boss at the journal asked if I could stay on and work remotely from the mainland.  It's all starting to come together.  Plus, I just sent off an application package to a potential supervisor for the Sociology masters program at SFU.

These past six months of being out of classes have been a trial, to say the least.  It's really pushed me to figure out what I'd like to do, and I figure that if I'm accepted with funding, then I can hardly argue against that.  On the other hand, if I don't get funded (or accepted at all!), then I can reevaluate.  This movement has really been exciting.  I feel like we're finally getting things done and moving along with our lives.  The Island's been great for us career-wise, but it'll be nice to have a life outside of that again -- to be closer to our, er - my friends and family.  Plus, it's really exciting that our friends Sam and Carmen are also looking at moving over to Vancouver (and might even be working at the same hotel as Chef).  Plus, flights are a whole lot cheaper from Vancouver, so I'm hoping that we might be able to get back to Winnipeg more often (like for Brent and Jen's social in February, plus their wedding, and then Jim and Alex's wedding next September).

Now, we just need to find an apartment that will work for both of us.  I picked out our current apartment, since Chef was still working in the Rockies up until Moving Day.  But of course that means that any time there's anything wrong with it (there's a firehall up the street, it's a main route back from the bars, we're in the front of the building above the door - we hear all of it!), it's obviously my fault since I was the one that chose it.  But, the location's great, the price is right, and it's well maintained for the price we pay.  So, finding a new space is going to be the same thing.  If I'm at the Burnaby campus at SFU and Chef is working right downtown, we have to find somewhere that won't be a strain on either of us commute-wise, is quiet enough, affordable and clean - and since I'm the one that's going to be in Vancouver first, I'm worried that it will be mostly up to me to find a decent place. But that just means that I've been hooked to Pinterest lately, looking at all these fabulous DIY projects and decor ideas to turn whatever apartment we get into an Oasis.  I'm definitely excited.


It's the most wonderful time of the year....

It's supposed to be an owl, in case you couldn't tell...
I love Halloween, I always have. And I'm so very excited that Chef finally has the days off this year! We picked out our costumes over the weekend, and are working on finalizing plans...  so excited!