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The Chef and I (and no, I don't call him that to his face...) met at a hotel in the Rocky Mountains. I was working there over the summer to help pay for classes and he was working on his apprenticeship (to get certified as a journeyman cook). We became instant friends and stayed in touch when I went back to school that fall. As it turns out, we were both planning trips to Toronto to visit family for the end of September so we decided to meet up. I guess that's when things got serious, because after that we were flying back and forth between Alberta and BC to visit each other every month.

After Chef finished culinary school and got his papers in 2009, he left the Rockies and we now live together in our one-bedroom apartment downtown. He's working for the same company that he was in Alberta, and is now a Chef de Partie. Meanwhile, I'm finishing my final year in the honours Sociology program at my university - my thesis investigates the visibility of children whose parents have serious mental illness within academic literature.

After graduation, we have no concrete plans except to go where the wind takes us. It should be a great adventure!


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