“I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.”

Wow, I've just been offered a great position working for the academic journal in my field! The new editor-in-chief was my thesis advisor and needs some help with the administration of the journal, so she asked if I would like to come on board as an administrative/editor's assistant. I'm so very excited to have the opportunity to be so intimately involved with the latest research and theory in my field. Plus, it's amazing to have a prof ask if you would like to work for them (instead of having to ask profs if there's any openings that they know of anywhere). While it's only part-time, graduation is coming up soon and this will give me the opportunity to find another part-time job and do some part-time volunteering as well. After all those dark winter days spent in the library, the future finally feels sun-shiny!


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