Decided to get another job, since I obviously am not working enough hours at the university. I fell back on my food and beverage background which, while it's a relief to be working more, is a little depressing. Three packed solid years, honours, distinction, top 10% ranking, and all that money spent on tuition and I'm back to where I was at 18 years old. Not that I can complain - I know there are people in a lot worse positions than I'm in. It's just disappointing.

I'm now at a hotel working as a private concierge, which is pretty interesting. The hotel is geared towards business/executive types, so there are some really fascinating guests that come in. The shifts are five hours each, five days a week, which when added to the hours I work at the university is roughly thirty-five hours per week. That gives me some extra hours to get into volunteering for one of the organizations I would like to eventually work for.

The one itty-bitty problem: 5:30am start time! Seriously! All those years that I was in school, I never once signed up for a class that started prior to 11:00am. Since my first job, I have worked maybe only a handful of 'morning' shifts - and those would start at 8am. And with Chef working evenings, I'm used to waiting until he gets home at 11:00 and then staying up for a few hours talking about our respective days. It's definitely going to be a change...


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