I changed the layout today, and Chef doesn't seem to approve. I was all excited, and he's like, "But it's so girly. There should at least be like a knife or a chef's hat or something!" If I don't get my way with decorating the house, I should at least get to design the blog! Besides, it's not like he knows how to play around with HTML, and I sure as heck would never tell him what his B├ęchamel should taste like!

He finally has two days off (tomorrow and the day after), which is awesome since he's had one day in the last three weeks. He gets so cranky and can only focus on work things when he gets to working that much. He comes home and talks about the kitchen - about how dirty the fridge is, how the new menu is disorganized, how this one server never answers their pager - and seems to forget that there is life outside of that dark tunnel he's in. And of course, his days off start when I'm finally heading back to work...


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