Chef's Chef has accepted a job at a property in Abu-Dhabi, and is leaving quite soon. His girlfriend will eventually be going with him, but because of the laws regarding pre-marital cohabitation in the UAE, she has accepted an opportunity in San Diego. So, going out for drinks to one of Chef's and my favourite spots was to be their goodbye party - a "Bon Voyage" for both of them, until they figure out what they are going to do. Chef Chef was talking about eventual plans to get married, but they need to find a venue and caterer and flowers - and one of our friends shouts "and you need to propose"! Har har. And then, another friend is like "well, I've been ordained a minister", and another "hey, you could us my ring" and finally "oh hey, I just happen to have a marriage license"! Yup, they got fricken married right in front of us! Surprise! I read a lot of wedding-related blog/tumblr's, and I've heard of these things happening, but for it to happen for these two? I couldn't be happier. 

The Groom with Chef. // The Lovely Bride and Myself.


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