I feel like I've been super-busy lately, although for the life of me, I cannot figure out with what. I'm working, but not crazy amounts of hours - but maybe it's the hours themselves that are killing me? 5:30 in the morning comes early (so why am I still on the internetz?!)

I feel like there's a buzz and some excitement finally - that things are moving forward. I'm getting restless. Of course, I'm still a little disappointed to be working in hospitality. I know that a lot of people get jobs "to pay the bills" after university, and I know that I have a "grown up job", too (with working at the university) so I guess I shouldn't get too down. It's just frustrating to be working part-time, having chaotic hours. But, in the last few weeks, I feel like we are starting to get some momentum.

Chef just got a promotion of sorts - he's taking on more responsibility with the staff and creating fresh sheets. They're definitely grooming him, which feels good. There's talk of him transferring to another property, but it's all still so very unknown. As for myself, there are a few research assistant positions that are available right now, which I need to get my butt in gear and apply for. I'm craving some sort of challenge, and hotel jobs just aren't doing it for me.

It just feels so great for everything to be so tentative. Everything can change in an instant. There's nothing really holding us here, we have no commitments. There are no set plans, just possibilities. And with our recent talks, I feel like it's actually possible to get things done and not just stay on this island, growing old together.


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