I love Seattle.

I really do love when we go to Seattle - we usually drive down the I-5 and stop at the outlet malls first, but this time we took the Victoria Clipper. Of course Chef can't sit still for a minute and thought it was such a waste of time (but that's probably because he didn't listen to me when I said to bring a book or a magazine -- "what would I want that for?"), but I kinda' enjoyed it. It's nothing like BC Ferries, which are large and luxurious in comparison (although, I do get totally sick of them since I'm on them all the time). We got down there around 6 o'clock on Wednesday night and had to leave again on Friday at 3. I guess I understand what he's saying about wasting time, since we basically killed two days just to travel. But, that's what it's like living on the island - we don't own a boat, so we have to go whenever the ferries offer service.

With the time that we did have down there, we definitely made the most of it. We started off quiet - a swim, and then off to dinner. The next day, we got up early, went for coffee, walked through the market (it's neat just to look at everything, but I wonder if the locals ever actually go down there - so many people walking so slowly...) and got a little breakfast at Le Panier (which might be my very favourite part of Seattle - I'm in love with their pain au chocolat). We walked around and did some shopping (which you must do any time you escape the island, since there's nothing really here) and ended up at Serious Pie. Okay, maybe this is my favourite part of Seattle. We started with the roasted octopus with olives, watercress and garlic vinaigrette, and then had the chantrelle mushroom and truffle cheese pizza - the dough is amazing - and finally topped it off with the chocoalte budino (which is like a mousse/pudding). Oh my goodness, heaven sent!

While we were eating, there was this guy in a truck outside trying to parallel park his truck outside and kept ending up 4 feet onto the sidewalk and hitting the parking meter - so some awesome entertainment while we dined!

After Serious Pie, we went to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). We were planning on going anyway, but it turns out since it was the first Thursday of the month, they were offering free admission! Of course Chef has to go touch one of the sculptures, making both me and the attendant freak out. Geez... that boy. My favourite was the contemporary art collection... there was this one painting that was black with coal dust that I just love love love. There's also this Nick Cave exhibit right now that is just ... it made me laugh.

After SAM, we went back to the hotel and then off to the Mariners game. SO MUCH FUN. Our seats were in the left field bleachers, and Cust slammed one out to Centre Right and our section won t-shirts. Plus, it was "girls night out" so all the women got Mariners bags for free, too. Very cool. It was a pretty fun night, and we killed them 8-2 (against the Rays)...although, I guess when it's that 'close' it loses all the excitement and suspense.

So yes, a very nice and much needed escape from island life. I'm not sure, but the next time we leave this rock might be when we do our permanent exodus this fall. Fingers crossed, at least...


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