I have found more and more free time these days. With my work schedule becoming a little more familiar, there seem to be extra hours and extra energy to tackle them with.  So, I've taken to doing some reading.  I used to love to read. Anything I could, really. But, with school and the thesis, I slowly let my love for it pass. Now, I've finally taken it up again. I read a few Margaret Atwood books that I'd been meaning to for years, and some non-fiction that I never quite fit in before. Now, I'm on a real Carol Shields kick.  I'm reading Happenstance right now - finished the wife's story a few days ago and am not plugging away at the husband's. Such an interesting idea, writing a book, a story from two different perspectives like this. 

Still, I'm restless and missing the challenge.  I was talking to Dr. Penning today about how I was a little disappointed that I hadn't applied for school, and she sort of lit up. "Well, you could take a few non-credit courses in September and apply with special permission for January -- and talk with the Graduate Advisor about getting those fall courses considered for application to your Masters... the only trouble being that the Teaching Assistant hours are allocated in the fall. But, perhaps someone will drop out, and you could always stay on with me".  So now, I have a mess of jumbled notes sitting on the desk here... with Chef not getting the visa for the Seattle job, it's something to think about at least.


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