I've been addicted to NPR's Planet Money and Freakonomics for the past few months. It's got me to thinking more about finances and goals and everything, so Chef and I have been having these conversations.  We had a general goal to get the car and any debt paid off before we moved, and now that that is accomplished, we're starting to set bigger goals. Houses, wedding, trips.

Then, on Freakonomics this past week they did an episode called "The Economist's Guide to Parenting", which included a bit about this book called Spousonomics.  It's about costs/benefit analysis and using economics to handle a relationship. While some of the language and tone hits my sexism nerve, it basically preaches that you should split work based not on percentage of work, but on who is better at what. I downloaded the audiobook from the local library so that I can listen to it on my way to work - what did I do before the iPod?

Anyway, Chef is obviously better at cooking, but since he's gone most of the time, that gets left up to me a lot. And he's more meticulous, so he gets a lot of the cleaning done, as long as I do the laundry. I taught myself how to use Excel the other week and have made a spreadsheet to calculate our expenses; I'm most definitely in charge of bills and paperwork (tax forms, resumes, the census).

I think it's pretty interesting, listening to a book about how other people split up their workloads and costs, especially since it's not exactly something my mother ever brought up.  Having a dad who is severely incapacitated from a series of strokes, a lot of the housework is left up to my mom.

I just started the book this week, so we'll have to see how this goes. I also just picked up the Freakonomics book from Russell Books - I'm so excited!


The Fit Flosser said...

Spousonomics sounds like an excellent read. I'm sure I could relate to everything in the book except for, well... marriage. Anyway, maybe you will do a book review?

Carley said...

It's definitely an interesting way to look at your relationship... Freakonomics has grabbed my attention a little more so far, but I will share my thoughts for sure!

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