The Road Ahead...

After I graduated from high school, I  spent some years traveling, working, and completing a few classes here and there at a college close to my mother's place - enough to think that I knew what I really wanted to do.  Back then, I wanted to work for an international aid organization, get a degree in Anthropology, and save all the poor AIDS-babies of the world.

When I came to the Island to finish my degree (away from distractions at home), I realized how little I knew.  And it occurred to me how self-entitled I was, thinking that all that was needed was some privileged white girl with a degree to come along and fix everything. That it would really be that easy. So, my focus switched.

I started thinking about everything that was wrong at home. About all of the little things that are wrong in Canada, despite our government telling us that we are the best country in the world.  I began to notice the inequalities at home, and came to accept my own subordinate position.  Yes, I became developed as a left-wing feminist.  And not a feminist in that bra-burning, hairy-leg way (not that there's anything wrong with that), but in the way that I believe that men and women should have equal considerations in society.  That's it - it's that simple.

So, armed with my fancy Honours degree, I thought I could go out there and help shape our society.  And again, I realized how little I knew. For all my education, there is always someone else with more applying for the same job.  With more education, more experience.  So, I took a job in the hospitality sector until I could figure out what to do. Months and months later, it is still the same. For a town of 350,000 people, one university, and multiple colleges up and down the island, this place is a little over-saturated.  Why hire a university graduate when all you're looking for is an office clerk, and this other applicant has their office assistant diploma? I can't handle the rejection much longer. It's time to make a change.

We were going to move to Vancouver in the new year anyway, since I will be applying to the Public Health program at both Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, but I've decided to move over a little bit sooner. I quit my job at the hotel the other day, giving notice until the 6th of October.  I plan to go over to my mother's and help her out a bit - she has a lot to handle, since my dad's been on disability since 1999 - and come back every two weeks for my position at the university here (I will telecommute every other week, finishing projects through the online database we have set up to manage submissions).  I will start looking for places in November/December, and the Chef plans to transfer over in January. I love a plan in motion!

For all the talking and planning and weighing out the pros-and-cons that we've done over the last six months, it's so nice that it's finally here.  That we've made the decision and I'm just jumping in.  If nothing else, I can hopefully do some temp work for my mother's company.  Something to make me feel useful again.


The Fit Flosser said...

You have always had so much drive and ambition. Congrats on quitting your job and transitioning to Vancouver. Let's catch up over bellinis. :)

Carley {Chef and the Academic} said...

Thanks, T. And Bellinis sound fantastic!

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