I'm kinda' a nut when it comes to kitchen gear and household knickknacks... so I was thrilled when my friend Ti got me these wonderful hedgehog coasters a while back.  They're made of some foam/felt substance and can easily be tossed into the washer, should we become overzealous with our coaster needs.  Not that I really need to protect our furniture, since it's all from Ikea, but they're just so darn cute!

What kitschy, food related goodies do you have lying around your place?


Janie said...

I bought these robot themed popsicle molds that my kids just LOVE (okay, and maybe I do too)!

You can find them and a lot of cute things here: http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/ice-pop-mold-set-of-6

The Fit Flosser said...

I totally want robot themed popsicle molds!

Carley {Chef and the Academic} said...

Those are awesome! I've been dying to make frozen yogurt pops for a while now... might have to get those bad-boys and actually do it!

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