Next week classes start and I won't be heading back to the bookstore or lecture halls, reading syllabi and grabbing coffee before class with my friends.  It's got me a little bummed out - and it's definitely going to be weird heading to campus next week and instead of heading to the Sociology building for a lecture, I'm going to my office to work. And I know it's silly because everyone wants out of school, but I'm genuinely jealous. I love sitting in class, soaking up as much as the profs can give out, getting in discussions with peers. It's just so exciting and rewarding.  If I was working on campus full-time and feeling like I'm getting my life underway, I might feel differently, but I think since I'm only there two days a week and at the hotel for five days each week, I'm getting a little lost. Oh well, twelve more months and I will be starting grad school. And by that time, I will definitely had my break and will be ready to go.


The Fit Flosser said...

I loved being a student throughout my two years at Kwantlen and additional two years in Toronto. Nothing says sexy like rolling into class wearing sweatpants.

Where are you going to attend grad school? You're such a smartie pants.

Carley said...

I was a definite hoodie-jeans-and-boots student. I spent too much time thinking about papers to think about my wardrobe. It's nice to be on the other side of it.

For grad school, I'm looking at the MPH programs at UBC and SFU, or Public Policy at SFU. Or Public Administration at Manitoba. I really just want to get myself in a position where I can do program development and evaluation for some health related organization.

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