Shannon over at Life as the Wife posted today about Chefs, wives and divorce rates.  My Chef and I have had this same conversation about how Chefs tend to have high rates of divorce and how all-consuming the culinary life can be.  In fact, our latest conversations have been over the struggle to find a sufficient work-life balance.  Chef has been working doubles, six-days-a-week, and while this is wonderful for our bank account (he's still paid hourly, unlike a lot of chefs I know!), it's not so good for the relationship. It's hard to maintain a happy, healthy bond when one person is either constantly away or sleeping.

So yesterday, on his one day off, after sleeping until one (he would have slept later if I would have allowed him), we got up and spent the day in Sooke on the beach, and had some drinks at this little cafe on the cove. Beautiful.  We drove back to town for dinner and finally went into Zambri's. So glad we did. We started with the Baccala Mantecato (salt cod served with polenta & fresh shaved fennel) and a Duck Confit special (with fresh figs and hazelnuts), then he had the Gnocchi Bolognese and I had the Spaghetti alla Chitarra (with tomato sauce, fresh fennel, anchovy & peperoncino). Yummmm.

It was so nice to just spend some "quality time" together over good food. We were talking again about what we want to do over the next few years. I'm starting my applications for graduate school, but have to really decide on which cities to apply to. The plan was always to get out of Victoria, but now Chef is saying that he might want to stay, which upsets me because the reason I didn't start a masters program this September was because I didn't want to lock us into this city for another few years, knowing how much Chef wanted to get out.

So, the choices for now are Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), University of British Columbia (Vancouver), University of Manitoba (Winnipeg), University of Victoria (Victoria) and University of Western Ontario (London). And the programs are diverse, too: Masters of Public Health, Masters of Public Policy, Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Arts! At least I still have a few months before applications are due.


lifeasthewife said...

Thanks for the post and glad you guys got to spend the day together. Great blog!

The Fit Flosser said...

Your dinner looked delicious! Glad you two found some quality time together.

Carley said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies!

T, this dinner definitely wouldn't be up your alley - lots of butter and wheat - but the figs were delicious!

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