It was my birthday this past weekend - I turned twenty-six, which for some reason I was really dreading... I think it has something to do with choices.  I mean, I'm definitely on a path now - I have one degree and am headed towards another one, I am committed to my Chef... I've made my choices, and I'm happy with them, but they're made.  It's exciting to be at this point - but also a little terrifying. I can't just run away to a resort job whenever I feel like it. I can't keep taking hospitality jobs because they're easy. Really, I can't take the easy way out of anything anymore.  I have to work through arguments, I have to stick with deadlines and expectations, I have to commit myself to my relationships and my career.  All of that is a little terrifying.

With my birthday, Chef just reaffirmed to me why we are together and why I am so happy with my decisions and the direction I've chosen to take my life.  He took me to dinner not once but twice - the first night was to Hawksworth, and then the next night was to ensemble. Both were amazing - makes me really excited to move back to Vancouver!  Not that I'm with him because he treats me like a princess, but because he's so solid in his support of me and my choices.  My relationships with my family have always been a little tenuous, and of course my birthday and Thanksgiving always exacerbate that tension.  Putting our relationship in contrast to my relationships with my family really just proves why I'm so happy with the direction we're heading.  Because really, I am quite happy.

After dinner at ensemble.


The Fit Flosser said...

I always love it when I see on my blog roll that you've done a post :)
A few things...
Happy belated birthday, and yes, I'm a terrible friend for not wishing you a happy birthday sooner.
Next, being on a path towards a second degree is an outstanding accomplishment. You already have the ability to view society with a multifaceted perspective. Another degree will just add to your already full arsenol. You are truly on the right path.

Carley {Chef and the Academic} said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes, Ms.Z! (I'm a little late in my thank-you's, so we're even..)

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