A lot is changing these past few weeks.  I've been offered a job as an admin assistant in Vancouver. Chef is in talks to transfer to another hotel come January.  My boss at the journal asked if I could stay on and work remotely from the mainland.  It's all starting to come together.  Plus, I just sent off an application package to a potential supervisor for the Sociology masters program at SFU.

These past six months of being out of classes have been a trial, to say the least.  It's really pushed me to figure out what I'd like to do, and I figure that if I'm accepted with funding, then I can hardly argue against that.  On the other hand, if I don't get funded (or accepted at all!), then I can reevaluate.  This movement has really been exciting.  I feel like we're finally getting things done and moving along with our lives.  The Island's been great for us career-wise, but it'll be nice to have a life outside of that again -- to be closer to our, er - my friends and family.  Plus, it's really exciting that our friends Sam and Carmen are also looking at moving over to Vancouver (and might even be working at the same hotel as Chef).  Plus, flights are a whole lot cheaper from Vancouver, so I'm hoping that we might be able to get back to Winnipeg more often (like for Brent and Jen's social in February, plus their wedding, and then Jim and Alex's wedding next September).

Now, we just need to find an apartment that will work for both of us.  I picked out our current apartment, since Chef was still working in the Rockies up until Moving Day.  But of course that means that any time there's anything wrong with it (there's a firehall up the street, it's a main route back from the bars, we're in the front of the building above the door - we hear all of it!), it's obviously my fault since I was the one that chose it.  But, the location's great, the price is right, and it's well maintained for the price we pay.  So, finding a new space is going to be the same thing.  If I'm at the Burnaby campus at SFU and Chef is working right downtown, we have to find somewhere that won't be a strain on either of us commute-wise, is quiet enough, affordable and clean - and since I'm the one that's going to be in Vancouver first, I'm worried that it will be mostly up to me to find a decent place. But that just means that I've been hooked to Pinterest lately, looking at all these fabulous DIY projects and decor ideas to turn whatever apartment we get into an Oasis.  I'm definitely excited.


Allie said...

Good luck finding a place!!! We wanted to relocate to Chicago for me to finish school, and for him to gain experience cooking out there. But for now, we are here in Napa. Hope all works our for you two!

ps. I seem to not be able to see the "follow" button on your blog.

Carley {Chef and the Academic} said...

Hi Allie,

I would LOVE to be in Chicago! It's on our list as the next place to visit - so many great places to eat/work, for sure. Although, Napa isn't the worst place you could be in the meantime..

I somehow deleted the follow button, so there's a new one up there now!

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