Our new view.
I made a new year's resolution to use my camera more, to write more, to read more. So, in keeping with that, I started a photography challenge that I've adapted to a blog challenge - one theme for every week of the year.  This week's theme: "NEW". Which, with the New Year is really easy, but for us it's also the beginning of something else new.

These past few months have been chaotic: Chef was still living on the Island, while I was crashing on my mom's couch and working on the mainland.  With the new year, we are now officially residents of the GVRD.  This photograph is the view from our new balcony.

Chef should be starting at one of the hotels in Vancouver in the coming weeks (for now, he's "on vacation" from the Fairmont Empress, where he's been working).  I'm still working at my job in the suburbs, and also for the Canadian Journal on Aging.  I'm finishing up applications to grad school.  It's really exciting, to be moving forward.  I loved Victoria, but it's flooded with university grads and impossible to find employment there, and Chef was ready for another challenge.  As corny as it is, the other day he said "Honey, this is the beginning of the third chapter of our story".  Lake Louise, Victoria, Vancouver. We're appreciative of the past, but so incredibly excited for the future.

Some of the kitchen boys on Chef's last day at the Empress.


The Fit Flosser said...

Love this post! I'm excited for you and Chef to see where the next chapter goes. Welcome back to the GVRD and cheers to new beginnings! :)

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