Chef's gone, and I'm using the stove for the first time since we moved into our new place.  I had gotten so used to him being home all the time, that I forgot that being the wife of a chef is such a lonely experience.  Especially now, since I'm working a Monday to Friday job, and his new schedule is 5:00pm to 1:00am, I actually won't see him until Wednesday night, which he has off.  So, it's back to boiling perogies  and sautéing onions for me.

I got two offers for grad school, one for SFU Gerontology and one for SFU Sociology.  I'm so very much looking forward to accepting one of them and having a flexible schedule again.. it's the only saving grace, being able to pull time whenever he has a day off.

With him not working these past few months, I guess I had just gotten used to having him home, having him around...


The Fit Flosser said...

How's the transition of moving back to the Mainland? It sounds like a bit of an adjustment with you and R's schedule? Do you at least have Katie keeping you company? Hang in there, pretty lady. :)

Congrats on your acceptance to grad school you brainiac, you! xo

Carley {Chef and the Academic} said...

Hey lady!
It's been really nice being back - getting to see friends that I haven't been able to spend much time with these past few years. It's an adjustment, but definitely a welcome change.

Katie's at my mom's and isn't doing too good. We're probably going to have to make a decision soon.

How's the mental decorating of your new place going??


The Fit Flosser said...

What's going on with Katie? Health problems? :(

The mental decorating is fabulous. I'm moving out with one of my girlfriends May 1 as I don't want to cramp ma and pa's style for another year. Only 11 more months and my condo should be built!

Transitions, no matter how great they are, are always challenging. Hell, I'm stressed out about living alone in my beautiful condo! However, it will just take time to adjust and I know it will be a positive change. Good job on staying positive. :)


lifeasthewife said...

Oh god, I hear ya. My Chef is around right now and I could really get used to this. Just have to keep reminding myself that its a treat and not the way my life is going to be. Congrats on the grad school offers!

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