I get to register for courses this week - I'm so very excited!
I'm going to have to go in to have a talk with my advisor before I do anything, since I'm not entirely sure about what the time commitment is supposed to be.
Right now I'm looking at taking:
  • Analytical Techniques for Gero Research  
  • Principles & Practices of Health Promotion
There's another course on Community Based Housing that I am considering, but I think I'll decide after speaking with Dr. B.

I'm actually getting a little bit nervous about starting classes.  For the first time outside of the Honours program, I'll be surrounded by other smarty-pantses.  And this time we're all interested in the same thing, the same job.

I think part of me is nervous about all the changes that are coming up, too.  The wedding, the cost of the wedding... And all of a sudden I see myself as married with a few little kidlets running around. With a mortgage.  And an aging parent.  It scares me how all of a sudden, my life is set.  Til death. No take-backs.

I love my chef dearly, and that's not what scares me.  It's just, all the things that I dreamed about as a little girl - being an archaeologist, or running an orphanage in Africa - all of that is gone.  Not that that's what I really want now anyway - once I started Anthrolpology I saw it too much as "white people coming to save the day".  I thought it was a little belittling, presumptuous.  But still, all these grand adventures.  That's just not my life.

But I guess, yes, my life is quieter. More manageable. But also more authentic.  I'm not trying to run away and have some impossible adventure; instead, it's about enjoying small moments and the company of those I love, and trying to do the best I can to make things better in my own community.

So yeah, definitely a state of flux.  Excited, nervous, but extremely happy.


lifeasthewife said...

There are no take backs, but life is unlikely to turn our exactly the way you are currently imagining. It's an exciting time for you. Just enjoy the ride!

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