I can't believe how long it's been since I've written anything.  It seems every time I sit down to write something, I'm always apologizing for not having written.  This time, my excuse is pretty legit - I did just start grad school (and it's been kicking my butt!)

I'm having a hard time "getting my head in the game". After working for the past year, I'm finding it difficult to make myself sit down and complete my readings, my projects. Plus, there's the added excitement of planning a wedding (which obviously is a lot more entertaining than reading theory again).

Plus, Chef and I just came back from visiting friends in Winnipeg - one of his friends from elementary school just got married last weekend!  I'm constantly amazed that he's still friends with everyone from his public school days - and they all legitimately hang out together on a regular basis. For me, as soon as high school was over, I ran as far and fast as I could. I'm so proud, and a little envious, that he has such amazing friends like that.  But really, they're all getting married, and the wives are just as wonderful.

So, we've been thinking a lot more about what we want the next few years to look like, what our goals and ambitions are.  Basically, we're going to try to get moved to Winnipeg as soon as we can.  My classes are done (hopefully) in April, and then I just need to write my thesis and do my practicum, and then I am F-R-E-E! And Chef just started a new job at the beginning of September (which is amazing!), so we're going to have to stay at least two years from that.  I know grad school was the right decision for me, but sometimes I feel like it's holding me back. Our friends are buying houses, getting married, having babies.  I guess we're not that 'far behind' (and yes, I realize it's not a race), but I would love to be living in the same city as his brother and friends, and have our kids  in the same classes and on the same teams as their kids are.

As down as this entry might sound, I'm actually really excited about what I'm doing.  There's not that much longer left, Chef and I will be married, and we'll be working and living in his hometown.  I'm so excited to be so close to our goals, to have a "normal" life!


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